Partner Organizations


Propeller Dance
The only organization in Ontario that provides dance programming to people with and without disability. Our programs are inclusive, fostering an integrative approach to dance and art-making, education and community development.

Theatre Terrific, Vancouver
Supports artists of all abilities in the rigorous creation of provocative theatre. Our diverse ensemble brings together professional and emerging artists with or without developmental, physical or mental health issues, gender or language challenges.

iDance, Edmonton Integrated Dance
Is a dance community for people of all abilities, offering classes and performance opportunities. We celebrate the unique strengths of each of our dancers and foster a genuinely inclusive dynamic.

Des Pieds Des Mains – Montreal
DPDM is a dance theatre company that blends professional dancers with emerging marginalized artists. The company was founded in 2004 by choreographer Menka Nagrani with a desire to probe artistic and social questions in the context of marginalized people. Their work has been presented widely in the professional Montreal theatre and one of their shows has toured to festivals in Belgium and Japan and was ranked by the Globe and Mail among the top five dance theatre presentations in Canada in 2007.

Amici Dance Theatre
At over 20 years old and situated in London, England, Amici is one of the oldest dance theatre companies in the UK, integrating able-bodied and disabled artists and performers.

Dance Ability International
Located in Eugene Oregon, encourages the evolution of mixed-abilities dance by cultivating a common ground for creative expression for all people

Located in Scotland, this dance company creates opportunities for people with diverse, abilities to enjoy, express and fulfill their potential through dance

Adam Benjamin
Co-founder of CandoCo Dance Company, the first professional company for disabled and non-disabled dancers, Mr. Benjamin is a choreographer, teacher and writer, in high demand for his performance workshops all over the world. Check his amazing website for just about anything you want to know about integrated dance and improvisation anywhere in the world.


Picture this … Film Festival
Bringing the world of disability film together!! Canada’s first international disability film festival and library is a non-profit annual event initiated by the Community Development Department of Calgary Scope Society.

Inside Out Integrated Theatre Project
Inside Out Theatre is a program enabling participants with disabilities to enjoy, participate in, and benefit from a theatre arts training program and theatre productions.

IN-Definite Arts Society
The In-Definite Arts Society is a creative arts center for artists who happen to have developmental disabilities.

Studio C
Studio C is a unique integrated art studio and gallery where artists with and without disabilities achieve and immersion within an arts community.
Offered through Prospect Human service

Stage Left Productions
A multi- and interdisciplinary performance company, based in alternative theatre practices, we use the arts exclusively to foster social justice, through a balance of community engagement and professional art work.


Calgary Region Community Board Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD)
Calgary Region PDD website is a place where people with developmental disabilities can share their accomplishment and participate in strengthening the community with their positive attitudes, work ethic and goal setting abilities.

Calgary Scope Society
Calgary Scope works with people with disabilities, their families, friends and community members to create a better life for them.

Disability Action Hall
It is a group of people with disabilities and allies. Disability Action hall has been around Calgary, Alberta, Canada for over 10 years.
They tell stories, take action and make change.

Progressive Alternative Society of Calgary
PASS support independence, community inclusion and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Vantage Enterprises
Vantage Enterprises Ltd provides a wide variety of homes and independent living situations.

Deaf and hard of Hearing Society
DHHS is a registered charity that supports the deaf community in Alberta. They provide programs, classes, equipment and service ASL to address the needs of children, adults and their families.

REHOBOTH Christian Association
Rehoboth is a Christian Association serving the Mentally Handicapped of Alberta. The association provided personal support, advocacy, public education, and opportunities for personal growth and meaningful participation in society.

Vecova (formerly VRRI) is a registered not-for-profit charitable research and service agency that meets the needs of persons with disabilities and the community.

L’ Arche Association of Calgary
L’Arche Calgary is part of the International Federation of L’Arche, founded in response to the need of people with developmental disabilities to find a valid place in society.

Development Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary (DDRC)
DDRC is a non-profit, registered, charitable organization dedicated to including people with developmental disabilities into the community in real and meaningful ways. DDRC not only provides programs and services to support children and adults with developmental disabilities, but also exists as a resource centre to the general public to support the inclusion of all people.

Resicare Society of Calgary
Provides individualized community based residential, day and outreach support services to persons with developmental and /or physical disabilities.

Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD)
PDD programs provides supports and funding for approximately a 100 adults with disabilities across Alberta.

Independent Living Resource Centre of Calgary (ILRCC)
A not-for-profit community based organization that is committed to promoting and enabling all persons with disabilities to make informed choices about their lives and achieve their own level of independence.

Advanced Rehabilitation and Community Services (ARCS)
ARCS is a community-integrated program for persons with developmental disabilities
ARCS provide quality services for persons With Developmental Disabilities who are injured and/or ill. Also, survivors of brain injuries who are functionally impaired.

Alberta Association for the Deaf
AAD promotes equal rights for deaf Albertans while endeavouring to improve the quality of life for deaf people in general.

Canada Council for the Blind (CCB)
The CCB is a registered charity and is the largest membership based organization for the blind. It is a notional self-help consumer organization of persons who are blind, deaf blind and visually impaired.


Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries Resources and Information for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Survivors.