Teacher Training


Application period closed. This program was in February 2016.

MoMo is eager to work with participants with and without disabilities.

Propeller Dance co-directors Renata Soutter and Shara Weaver, each have over ten years of experience and insight into teaching integrated dance and a great passion and commitment to the work. In 2007 Soutter & Weaver (along with Alan Shain) co-founded Propeller Dance. Prior to that they taught integrated dance programs and classes in the community in Ottawa. Over the years they have developed training practices and exercises that they are eager to formulate into an open methodology.

Since 2007 Propeller Dance has grown from a small grassroots organization into Ottawa’s largest dance company, and a key player in Ontario’s dance community. The co-directors have led the organization both artistically and administratively and are incredibly happy to share their knowledge, to be part of encouraging the growth and development of integrated dance in Canada, from a Canadian perspective!

Education and training has been a key pillar at Propeller Dance, along with professional creation, performance and outreach.

The training will involve a week of intensive education on the specific dance training methodology and philosophy at Propeller Dance. This includes a deep focus on inclusion of people of all abilities and diversities. The work is imbued with deep listening and community building, and influenced by a myriad of dance forms and somatic practices including contact improvisation, contemporary, West African dance and mindfulness.

The workshop will have three sections:

a. Teaching dance – focusing on dance skills to teach mixed-ability groups; empowering artists with disability to play leadership roles; teaching children, youth, adults and seniors dance; lesson planning; using props as teaching tools; building trust; elements of dance.

b. Building dances – choreographing from an integrated approach; inclusion of all minds and bodies; different approaches in choreography; creation through group facilitation and from a directorial perspective: Elements of dance production; accessibility needs in the theatre.

c. Teaching sessions – A daily, 2 hour, open community dance class will give participants the opportunity to lead a class (solo or group leading) and receive feedback.

The course will focus on; practical skills for teachers in training, with a emphasis on skills-building in group facilitation, leadership, organization for class planning, and communication skills; roles and responsibilities and working methods for co-teaching, solo teaching, working with a musician, and managing a dance partner assistant in a class. Working in different environments – schools, health and social service centres, dance studios.