The MoMo Experience


Special Guest Kara Nolte talks about her experience at a MoMo Community Dance Class!

Kara - by Thorsten

(Photo by Thorsten)

I attended Momo’s Thursday morning Community class facilitated by Yvonne and Jade. I walked in five minutes late, terrified that I would disturb the serious playground I was about to enter and be scolded by the appointed guides of the class. Instead, I was greeted warmly; the class participants were making their way into the space with laughter and chatter. There was a calm feeling in the room. I felt welcomed. Yvonne and Jade provided clear, detailed instruction on the ideas we were to explore, and demonstrated strong leadership while allowing inspiration to blossom. I got to dance with each and every person in the room.

When I left my face hurt from smiling! Thank you!


importance in lightness

together we trace a circle

safety amid shapes


close, medium, far

exploration of the space

gently past the known


a grand fall morning

learning from friendly strangers

structured care from all


Kara is a professional dancer from Vancouver, BC.

Check out her work at

Thank you Kara!