Memory Lane

PAM BOYD – Founder and Artistic Director (2003 – 2013)

Pam Boyd has made a tremendous difference in the lives of disabled Calgarians since founding MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre in 2003. Building on years of teaching improvisational theatre and movement, Pamela worked alongside people with disabilities and other members of the professional arts community to design MoMo’s program. They have created a place where people feel safe and supported to discover their own creative voices and develop their craft. In a collaborative process, MoMo’s participants are developing a distinct genre of performance, telling their own stories and sharing them with the broader community. As one supporter says, their performance work unfolds “in interesting, compelling and original ways—ways that open eyes, capture attention and change attitudes.” Pam’s involvement with the global disability arts world demonstrates her love of lifelong learning and her vision for community-building. She leads ongoing collaborations between MoMo and other mixed ability dance companies in Canada. She also brings gifted international teachers to the program and sends MoMo’s teachers out to the world to share and learn. In the words of Donna McBride, President of the Board of Directors, “Pam’s dedication to the arts and to equal rights has demonstrated her humanity and her citizenry, and has made an indelible difference in Calgary.”


Pam Boyd (left) and Donna McBride (right). In 2013, Pam won the Calgary Learns’ Life Of Learning Award in the Instructor/Facilitator category.