Board of Directors
Nicky Peeters, Chair
Deanna Holt, Vice Chair
Norma Lock, Secretary
Brian Gromoff, Treasurer
Lorna Curran, Director
Val Hazle, Director
Amanda Woods, Director


The MoMo Creed

MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre is a vibrant group of proud professionals who pursue social justice through artistic expression.

We value artistic excellence and understand the power of entertainment to shape the world around us.

We thrive as an organization when we honour the abilities of each individual; our community thrives when it recognizes the beauty of disability.

We commit to working as a creative family and a collaborative community partner.

We explore the mystery within each person in a safe environment and discover the common experiences that unite us.

When we practice these ideals we cultivate inspiration for one another and our community.


MoMo’s Mandate
MoMo brings together professional artists and prospective artists, with and without disability to explore movement, voice, theatre, dance, and improvisational disciplines.

Artists of all abilities, skills and levels are supported and challenged in the practice, creation and performance of distinctive works of dance theatre that reflect our unique community and its individuals.


MoMo’s Mission

Momo Performance + Disability is shaping how disability is felt, perceived, understood, experienced, hailed and resounded through performance. By working individually with each performer, Momo is innovating one size fits one training and developing unique ensemble creation methods that are highly collaborative and participatory with the aim of discovering and presenting new disability arts aesthetics in movement performance.


What We Do
We run weekly classes at the community and more experienced, performance levels. Community classes work with creative movement and theatre games to provide a morning or afternoon full of physical activity, creative expression and plenty of fun.

We create multidisciplinary performance works for presentation during the Calgary theatre season. Our work is both improvised and choreographed allowing the artists to explore shared ideas and intentions within each artist’s range, removing the boundaries of ability by working with them to create freedom, equality and unique diverse performance.

MoMo encourages critical discourse about integrated performance and relevant issues facing disability and the arts. MoMo supports initiatives run by other organizations with similar values.