Ensemble Artists

Members of the Performance Ensemble are performers and improvisers of mixed ability with more than one year of experience. Ensemble members have made a commitment to the group and the ongoing process of physical and vocal exploration leading to innovative and distinct performance.

ensemble-fmaleske Frances
Frances has been a committed member of the MoMo ensemble since 2006 and made her stage debut in MoMo’s 2007 show, Dancing in Tongues. As a long time member of The Disability Action Hall, Frances is a self advocate, committed to raising awareness around issues of increasing AISH pensions and affordable housing. Frances has also been working with InDefinite Arts for many years and enjoys expressing her artistic talent through crafts!
ensemble-tpoulsen Thomas Poulsen
Thomas has been a dedicated member of MoMo Dance Theatre for seven years. He has performed his solo My Head Is Filled With Things to Say in a number of venues in Calgary including the Fluid Festival and International Day of Persons with Disabilities. He has also performed the duet Paired across Calgary as well as in Italy. In 2006 Thomas traveled to London, England to study with internationally renowned improvisation teacher, Adam Benjamin. Thomas is also a committed member of the Disability Action Hall and has been working professionally with people with developmental disabilities for many years.
ensemble-BShatz Brenley Shatz
Brenley joined MoMo in January 2007 and was seen in The Matilda Stewart Show, Dancing in Tongues, singing in Freak Out 2007 and 2008 and in Crossing The Line. Brenley has been performing music on and off for over forty years. As a voice student of Elaine Case, Brenley has achieved her Grade 8 certificate with the Royal Conservatory of Music and has been wowing audiences with her comedic timing in Musical Comedy Recitals since 1989.
ensemble-jstewart Jennifer Stewart
Jennifer will be going into her 7th season with MoMo. She has performed in many of MoMo’s pieces including her solo The Night Time is the Right Time which was seen in Momentum and International Day of Persons with Disabilities. She has almost ten years experience working in a variety of projects in the Calgary theatre community. In September 2007, Jennifer took part in The Leading Edge workshop with Mind The Gap Theatre Company in England. Jennifer was also in Julie McNamaras film I dream, I dare, I do which is in the editing stages. Jennifer enjoys going to movies in her spare time….
ensemble-jbenoit Jade Benoit
Jade is a recent graduate from Mount Royal University’s Theatre Program. She graduated with a diploma in performance. Jade has been dancing with MoMo since 2008 and entered into the teacher training program in 2009. She became a certified DanceAbility teacher in Uruguay with Alito Alessi in 2010 and now co-teaches in MoMo’s community classes. Some of her credits with MoMo include Crossing the Line and Momentum. She has performed with the ensemble celebrating International Day of Disabled People, and Disability on the Move. Both of which celebrate diversity within the community.
ensemble-JSilcok James Silcok
James began dancing with MoMo in 2009 in the Tuesday class. He joined the performance ensemble in 2011. James has performed in Imaginary People and brings a great deal of rhythm and funk to the ensemble. James goes to InDefinite Arts regularly, loves wrestling and country music.
ensemble-BBoychuk Brodie Boychuk
Brodie grew up in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He moved to Calgary where he attended Mount Royal College. Brodie leads a busy life in his community playing wheelchair floor hockey, wheelchair floor soccer, is a member of a bowling league, the Disability Action Hall and also actively involved in his church. Brodie joined MoMo in 2010 and has performed in Rumi Triad and Imaginary People. He serves as a member of MoMo’s Board of Directors.
ensemble-KAustin Kathy Austin
Legally blind since birth, Kathy began dancing with MoMo in the fall of 2008 and in September 2009 she joined the performance ensemble. She danced in Freak Show 2010 as part of the High Performance Rodeo, in MoMo’s mainstage show Momentum, in October 2010, and is now fully participating in all of the ensemble’s performance activities. Also a busy and award winning visual artist, Kathy’s work has been exhibited, screened and sold across Western Canada and as far away as Southern California. She lives in Calgary with her husband Tom Morrison. She serves as a member of MoMo’s Board of Directors.
ensemble-SChoy Spencer Choy
Spencer began dancing with MoMo’s Tuesday class in 2009. In 2011, he joined the performance ensemble where he danced in Imaginary People. When he’s not dancing Spencer enjoys traveling with his family and collecting stamps and coins from other countries.